Granny Annex Most Efficient

A Granny Annex is the most efficient and cost effect way of keeping elderly loved ones close to us and our home. It gives you loved a sense of independence, and gives you the sense of impartiality in your main home because the Granny Annex is built detached from it. It’s a win, win solution for all family members concerned. Most elderly loved ones do not want to impede in their loved ones lives and homes in their later years, which is very understandable because the last thing they want is to be a burden. The Granny Annex ensures that they have their own space and stay close to you, without hindering in yours.

The granny annex garden room is not only a great piece of mind solution, it is also a practical one. With the ever rising costs of care homes and nursing homes, building a granny annex is the more cost efficient. Starting at £18,000 compared to a year in a care or nursing home costing in excess of around £30,000. The initial outlay of a granny annex could seem expensive; most people utilise the sale of a loved one’s home to supplement the funding of an annex, making it a very cost effective solution.

Another invaluable aspect of a granny annex is the fact that it can be fully independent from you main home. The granny annex can have fully fitted bedroom(s), bath room and living area with a kitchen. Studies have shown more families are happier with loved ones living in a granny annex garden room compared to those living in care or nursing homes.