Garden Living Space

In our homes we always seem to need more space, it may be space for different reasons, but we always seem to need more. This desire and need has been recognised, to some extent by the government, as they announced relaxed extension planning for home owners.  Whether it’s minor to full-on home extensions, most home owners are striving to create a bit of extra room for the added requirements of modern family life. One way to tackle this problem is with a garden room, which come in various styles, materials and sizes.  Garden rooms, the majority; are ‘space consciously’ designed and built to accommodate that extra room and space we all seem to crave for.

The idea of the garden living space has picked up over the last couple of years, because of various factors. Morden life is very space conscious and always seeks to do more with less, garden rooms, garden offices, garden sunrooms and pods are designed and built to fit that bill. You don’t need to have a huge garden or back yard space to build a garden room space, a pod can just be big enough to fit you and your desk, laptop, iPad or computer game console, still succeeding to detach you away from the congested feeling of the family home, accommodating you with space to focus on your projects or leisure activities.

Over the last decade the number of run from home businesses has increased and this has been an influence to the need for garden rooms, specifically the garden office. The garden office allows you to work away from home at home, once you have left the outbuilding home office in the evening you can leave the files, computer and work telephone in your garden office and unwind without any distractions.

Garden rooms are also useful spaces to host or move certain features from your main home. Contemporary takes on the garden room has seen them extend to art studios, craft rooms, music rooms, gyms and of course games den/hangouts for those who have teenagers, ‘who need their own space’.

Depending on the size and location of your garden room or garden office in some cases you don’t even need planning permission or Building Regulations Approval.  Of course there’s strict exceptions so do check the latest buildings and extension regulations and consult your local council’s planning department just to be sure.

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